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Rene Sundown

Rene Sundown

Sundown paints her memories of the Country near Erldunda in the Northern Territory where her parents worked on nearby stations and where she was raised. In fields of cream and gold intersected with bold linear compositional markers, Sundown’s paintings recall the subtle shifts in colour of the Ngura Tali, Sand Dune Country, of her childhood.

“This is my thinking and painting memories. Memories of what I saw, sand dunes that we played on. When I’m painting my feelings became strong and all my memories come back… This is the sand dunes and spinifex grass. Sand Dune Country was our home.” – Rene Sundown

Sundown is a senior artist and longstanding director of the Iwantja Art Centre in Indulkana, South Australia, whose practice is dedicated to passing on knowledge to future generations.

Sundown's work offers an exchange of ideas between Country and canvas, driven by the importance of passing on knowledge and understanding to future generations. Having exhibited nationally and internationally for over a decade, Sundown presents her debut solo exhibition at Alcaston Gallery in 2024.

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