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Marina Pumani Brown

Marina Pumani Brown

Marina Pumani Brown embodies the next generation of strong female Anangu artists, with her mother, renowned senior APY Lands artistBetty Kuntiwa Pumani passing down the long line cultural knowledge to her daughter.


Brown’s distinctive paintings can be viewed as both literal maps of country and objects of meaning removed from any physical representation. Whilst the significance of Antara is always present in her work, Brown broadens her artistic practice by culminating both the traditional and contemporary aspects of life in the APY lands.


In 2020 Betty Kuntiwa Pumani and Marina Pumani Brown were announced as finalists for the prestigious 37th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, with a major collaborative painting. In 2020 Brown was also shortlisted for The Churchie Emerging Art Prize at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, Queensland.


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